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Fire Rated HDB Main Door, Bedroom Door and Digital Door Lock Distributor

All the HDB Fire Rated Main Door, HDB Gate, Toilet Door and Bedroom Door are Exclusive and Design by Our Door Consultant Since 2012 Fire Rated Door Aims to Customize New Design Together with YOU to Build the Nicest HDB Fire Rated Door and Gate in Singapore With the Latest Gateman, EPIC, KEYWE and Samsung WI-FI Digital Lock

Fire Rated Door Showroom have display all types of unique timber HDB Door, such as Laminate Siding Door, Veneer Pet Friendly Bedroom Door, Aluminium Folding Door, Glass Kitchen Swing Door, Glass Shower Screen and different types of HDB Door that you can purchase to make your renovation more outstanding

In 2019, Fire Rated Door have a series of Smartphone Digital Lock that allows to unlock using WI-FI / Bluetooth. With Push Message and Time Attendance.

Germany Tubular HDB Bedroom Door

Fire Rated Door have developed the latest Laminate HDB Bedroom Door in Singapore by using the Germany Tubular Door Core

In Singapore, Most of the Laminate HDB Bedroom Door are Solid, Water and Scratch Resistance. However, they are not sound and weight resistance

Germany Tubular Bedroom Door uses the solid wooden door core to transmit away the sound onto the floor instead of letting sound to pass through

Only Weight Resistance, allow you to install the clothes hanger onto the HDB bedroom door for you to hung clothes, many HDB Laminate door is unable to do so

Our Germany Tubular HDB Bedroom Door are sold from $288 per pieces, please visit our showroom to view the samples

Germany Tubular HDB Bedroom Door

From $288 Each (Minimum 2 Pieces)

Sale Black Marble Design
Black Marble Design $388.00 $329.00
Sale Industrial White
Industrial White $388.00 $288.00
Sale Black Oak
Black Oak $388.00 $288.00

Interior Designer HDB Main Door

Fire Rated Door have design many unique and outstanding HDB Main Door with the latest Smartphone Digital Lock from EPIC, KEYWE and Samsung

All the digital lock carried in Fire Rated Door Showroom have different colours, design, brand and mobile App Functions

With the Latest Digital Lock Technology, Digital Lock Design and Latest Laminate in the Market, Fire Rated Door allows our users to build the nicest door equipped with the latest digital lock in Singapore

Interior Designer HDB Main Door

Less $100 With Purchase of 5G Digital Lock for Door (Bluetooth / WI-FI / 5G)

Sale Veneer HDB Main Door
Sale Laminate (2 Design)
Sale Laminate HDB Main Door

Slide & Swing PVC Toilet Door for HDB

Fire Rated Door customize different types of Slide and Swing PVC Toilet Door for HDB

This PVC Toilet Door is water resistance, light and helps to save space when opening the toilet door so that you can have a bigger water basin

The Slide and Swing PVC Toilet Doors have 5 different version which not every door companies carries, visit Fire Rated Door Showroom to View the latest Toilet Door

Slide & Swing-Promotion

Free Customize of Door Design with the Latest Acrylic Up to 100 Designs

Sale Toilet Door Simple
Sale 4 Fold Door

Kato Simplify HDB Gate (3D Laser Cut)

Fire Rated Door carries the latest laser cut design and the most affordable price for HDB Gate

Every Month, 4 designs will be developed and added into our catalogue with 2 laser cut icon to be insert onto the HDB Gate

The straight-line design HDB Gate is popular because it is simple and will not block your HDB Door entirely, allowing maximum amount of air flow into your house

Visit Fire Rated Door to view the Kato Simplify HDB Gate matches our latest Fire Rated Door with Smartphone Digital Lock from EPIC, KEYWE and Samsung

Kato Simplify HDB Gate

Less $50 With Purchase of 5G Digital Lock for Gate (Bluetooth / WI-FI / 5G)

Kato 3D HDB Gate (Laser Cut)

Fire Rated Door’s best-selling HDB Gate with full customization and privacy

Send Us your Drawing and Our Kato Gate Designer will draw out the image and apply onto the KATO Gate in 2D Image

Once you Confirm the design, we will fabricate the HDB Gate by laser cutting the image

If you want to have the most unique HDB Gate to Match your Fire Rated HDB Main Door, do visit Fire Rated Showroom to discuss with our door consultant today

Kato 3D HDB Gate-Promotion

Add $200 to Customize your Own Design Or Choose 150 Design for FREE

Sale Kato 3D Gate Design
Kato 3D Gate Design 01 $1,280.00 $1,180.00
Sale Kato 3D Gate Design 02
Kato 3D Gate Design 02 $1,380.00 $1,280.00
Sale Kato 3D Gate Design 03
Kato 3D Gate Design 03 $1,380.00 $1,280.00

Interior Designer HDB Gate (Mild Steel)

Fire Rated Door have design a HDB Gate Catalogue featuring all the Mild Steel Designer Gate and Wrought Iron Gate

For Mild Steel Gate or Wrought Iron Gate, a lot of wielding will be involved as we need to join many pieces of metal into one piece of HDB Gate

If you dislike the wielding joint, you can consider the Kato Simplify Gate as it is manufacture and cut by machine hence the workmanship is nicer

Visit Fire Rated Door Showroom to view the latest HDB Mild Steel Gate with the latest Smartphone Digital Lock from KEYWE, EPIC, and Samsung Digital Lock

Interior- Designer-Promotion

Free Upgrade to Galvanise Steel + Powder Coating (Prevent Rust) Worth $150

Sale Twisted HDB Gate
Sale Retro Star HDB Gate

Smartphone 5G Digital Lock (Unlock Using 5G / WI-FI / Bluetooth)

Fire Rated Door is one of the first Digital Lock Showroom in Singapore equipped with all the Smartphone Digital Lock from KEYWE, EPIC and Samsung Digital Lock

In 2019, all digital lock is able to unlock using Bluetooth or WI-FI, with push message and time attendance features

Allowing users to unlock the digital lock from oversea or generate temporary access to the visitors

Also KEYWE Smartphone digital lock new version is Z Wave enable to link with many smart home hub like FIBARO and VERA Edge

Up to 18 Smartphone digital lock to choose at Fire Rated Door Showroom, digitalise your HDB Fire Rated Door with the latest technology TODAY!!!!

Smartphone-5G-Digital Lock-Promotion

Free WI-FI Bridge (Worth $99) When Purchase EPIC 5G Gate Digital Lock Pro Unlock Both HDB Door and Gate Using 5G or WI-FI Today

Samsung Digital Lock


SHP 708 Wi-FI Digital Lock (6 in 1)


HDB Gate Digital Lock


Digital Lock (Bluetooth / WI-FI)


Keywe Digital Lock

Keywe Smartphone

Push Pull Digital Lock(5 in 1)


Smart Home Enable for Door

Push Message receive When you unlock KEYWE Digital Lock

Unlock Using 5G

Either You Unlock Digital Lock Through Mobile APP or Give User Access Within the Time Zone

All Types of Digital Lock

1. HDB Door 2. HDB Gate 3. Glass Door
4. Sliding Door 5. Cabinet 6. Letter Box


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