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Bedroom Digital Lock

Fingerprint Smartphone Bedroom Digital Lock is the first fingerprint smartphone digital lock design for HDB Bedroom Door

You can get it for free when you purchase 3 HDB Laminate Bedroom Door at $999

Most HDB or Condo owners will purchase the smartphone fingerprint digital lock for tenant when they rent out their room

Or to prevent maid or kids from entering their master bedroom when they are off for work

You are able to set a time zone feature so that your maid is still able to unlock your bedroom door during specific time

HDB Bedroom digital lock comes with 100 fingerprints, program up to 100 cards, 100 password and able to charge using power bank for emergency

This bedroom digital lock is unable to used for HDB main door as it uses small latch which is for average security only

$329 $229


$329 $229


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