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Build the most Luxurious HDB bedroom Door with us

Vertu Design Laminate Bedroom Door (2022 NEW!!!)
At $599 Each – Minimum 2 Pieces

(Free 4 Golden Stainless-Steel Lines worth $200 and Additional Laminate worth $200)

If you are looking for a unique and fashionable laminate bedroom door, you can visit our showroom to build this door with us

It’s a simple design where you can choose 2 different tones of laminate to match it.

On top of the design, our showroom has a series of high-quality bedroom lever handle to build the best HDB bedroom door for you


$799 $599


Germany Tubular Door Core for HDB Bedroom Door

Many Door Factory in Singapore claim that their HDB bedroom door is solid or full solid, however they are unable to install the clothes hanger at the back of their HDB bedroom door

Our Laminate HDB Bedroom Door uses the Germany tubular door core to create an intensive structure to create weight resistance, which allows you to install the hook system and reduce the noise, watch the YouTube to understand more

1. Sound Resistance 2. Full Solid 3. Weight Resistance (Able to Hung Clothes) 4. Prevent Wrapping (Door Panel Bend inwards) 5. Water Resistance

Beware of Melamine Laminate Bedroom Door

(Non-Water Resistance)

Many door factories from the same company have set up many new Facebook page to retail laminate HDB bedroom door at low cost

However, these laminate HDB bedroom door were build using melamine laminate which is toxic on the surface and not water resistance

Therefore, these bedroom doors will be whopped inwards after 2 years later and hence they do not cover warranty such as popping out laminate

My Digital Lock have decided not to retail such bedroom door after receiving huge warranty and replacement of HDB bedroom door

In House Laminate HDB Solid Bedroom Door (Wood Design)

Lowest Price and Match All HDB Door Factory Prices in Singapore from $299

Our HDB Door Factory have engage many Commercial and Condo Laminate Door Projects, hence we are able to order containers of laminate at lowest price in Singapore

Up to 80 wood laminate design for you to manufacture the HDB Bedroom Door

Interior Designer HDB Bedroom Door (3D Effect Design) from $399

All the latest HDB Door laminate in Singapore will be updated in our showroom every month, also for the premium range, there is a 3D texture

Our HDB Door designer have design the HDB Door with the latest trend to match with the latest bedroom lever handle such as Korea Push Push Lock

Designer Push Push Bedroom Lock (Child Safe)

Free 1 Pieces when purchase of Bedroom doors worth $88-99

No Key holes involve, you can lock the bedroom door by pressing the pin at the back

For unlock, you can either pull from the back of the door or use a pin to poke through the front unit

In Korea, this type of bedroom lock is very popular due to its design, color and prevents kids from
accidentally lock the bedroom lock from inside

To further enhance the interior designer bedroom door, many HDB owners would prefer something
unique just like the push push lock for their HDB bedroom door

Which Push Push Lock would you prefer?

Germary Design BM Bedroom Handle
Only for New Bedroom Door $88-99
(Exclusive to My Digital Lock )

In 2021, My Digital Lock have decided to bring in more premium lever handle to enhance our
bedroom door

Many customers are looking for quality laminate bedroom door however they have not much
selection on the lever handle

Therefore, we have decided to target customers whom go for quality and design

Afterall, this BM lever handle is a long term investment

BM Copper Gold

BM Absolute Black

BM Silver

Upgrade your bedroom door to even better

Add Additional Laminate Design at $200

(Free Stainless Steel Line Worth $100, Gold, Black, Silver)

We strongly encourage HDB owners to innovate their HDB bedroom door with us, as we are looking for new projects for 2020/2021

Skilled door installers will be hired to ensure a good quality workmanship.

Otherwise Just add Stainless Lines at $100 Only

My Digital Lock Door Factory have gold, black and silver, up to 4 lines for you to innovate your
bedroom door

If adding additional laminate design is expesive and you do not want something that is complicated

You can meet up with our HDB door designer to discuss on the line design you wish to design for
your HDB bedroom door

My Digial Lock Door Factory is looking for more new projects to increase our profile

By doing so, we have import many new and outstanding push push lock design or bedroom lever
handle lock to enhance the HDB bedroom door to the next level

Veneer HDB Bedroom Door from $299

Veneer HDB Bedroom Door is affordable however, it is seldom used by the HDB or condo since 2016 as it is difficult to maintain

Veneer HDB Bedroom Door is not scratch or water resistance, and you have to pay door painters to vanish the veneer door yearly to maintain its brand-new look

Especially for HDB owners whom keep cats and dogs are highly not recommended

Note: Veneer Bedroom Main Door colors will fade off slowly after 2 years


$338 $299




$200 $100

$250 $200

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