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Door Seal

Call 96177025 to buy Auto seal door and Laminate HDB main door sales in Singapore
Call 96177025 to buy Top rated Auto seal door and Laminate HDB main door sales in Singapore

BEST Selling Expose Door Seal is popular amongst the BTO HDB, EC and Condo in Singapore

As it prevents insects or dust to pass through the gap at the bottom of your HDB fire rated door

Especially for new develop areas where flyers and dust are all over due to surrounding massive renovations

Also for HDB owners whom wants to prevent water from leaking into your living room due to heavy rain or washing of corridoor

Conecal Drop Seal at $180

If you purchase HDB bedroom door from us, you can add the conceal drop seal as we can add it into the bedroom door when we are manufacturing the door

Once the bedroom door is complete, then you can only purchase the expose drop seal for your bedroom door or hdb main door

Majority of the bedroom door is getting the authetic drop seal, visit our showroom to understand more

Call 96177025 to buy Drop Seal for Bedroom Door and Laminate HDB main door sales in Singapore

Drop Seal for Bedoom Door Advantages

As for HDB bedroom door, the drop seal allows you to block off the light left by the living room and prevent aircon leak

Most importantly, the drop seal will prevent any sounds from entering the room to create a enclose quiet environment for you to take a good rest


$280 $250

$350 $280

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