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EPIC 7G Door Lock


The Most Luxurious Digital Lock in 2022


Recommended by Benz Hui

(Famous Hong Kong Movie Star)

Experience the latest evolution in smart lock technology. Who would have thought, security could look this good?

Matches with VERTU Design Door and KATO 2K Gold Laser Cut Gate

Finally, a smart lock that doesn’t only secure your door, but matches your elegant lifestyle and legendary personality.


Highly Recommended by interior designers

The latest innovation in colour, texture and technology. Not just any ordinary digital lock, it’s the pinnacle in elegance & security

EPIC 7G digital lock comes with calf leather design, leather texture and colour used by top branded bags

A 24K gold platted i-ring was used to surround the 3D fingerprint scanner, to enhance this EPIC digital lock even further

4 Seasonal Colour for you to Choose for your Home Sweet Home

In 2022, EPIC have broken the traditional trend of digital lock and bring life style and fashion to your door step

Nobody believes that a digital lock, door or gate can become so stylish therefore we are going to change the world this year

It took Japan 5 years to develop EPIC 7G Designer Smart lock, now you can own them today

Summer Orange

Autumn Brown

Spring Tiffany Blue

Winter Black

Harvest Gold

UNLIMITED TRADEIN to another colour at $250 each within 1+2 Years Warranty (NEW!!!)

After you purchase any of the EPIC 7G Digital Lock, and you wish to change another colour

You can trade in for a brand-new piece at $250 each for door or gate lock, with transportation and programming fee all included

EPIC 7G Designer Digital Lock is not just a lock but a fashionable security system, we wish to bring in lifestyle into your door step

7 Top Features for
EPIC 7G Designer Digital Lock

  1. Unlock Remotely using WIFI / Bluetooth / 4G / 5G
  2. Receive Push Notification after you unlock
  3. After you unlock the EPIC 7G gate lock, the door will unlock
  4. Time Zone
  5. 100 Dual Fingerprint (Front & back)
  6. Program up to 20 cards (4 given)
  7. Password / One time password

$799 $599

$799 $649

$999 $699

$999 $699

$999 $699

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