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HDB Main Door

EPIC Gold Fingerprint
EPIC 5G Pro Digital Gate Lock
EPIC 5G Pro Gate DigitalLock

In House Laminate HDB Solid Main Door (Wood Design)

Lowest Price and Match All HDB Door Factory Prices in Singapore from $599

Our HDB Door Factory have engage many Commercial and Condo Laminate Door Projects, hence we are able to order containers of laminate at lowest price in Singapore

Up to 80 wood laminate design for you to manufacture the HDB Main Door

Laminate HDB Solid Main Door
Laminate HDB Solid Main Door

Interior Designer HDB Main Door (3D Effect Design)

All the latest HDB Door laminate in Singapore will be updated in our showroom every month, also for the premium range, there is a 3D texture

Our HDB Door designer have design the HDB Door with the latest trend to match with the latest Smartphone Digital lock from KEYWE, EPIC and Samsung

Interior Designer HDB Main Door

Veneer HDB Main Door

Veneer HDB Door is affordable however, it is seldom used by the HDB or condo since 2016 as it is difficult to maintain

Veneer HDB Main Door is not scratch or water resistance, and you have to pay door painters to vanish the veneer door yearly to maintain its brand-new look

 Especially for HDB owners whom keep cats and dogs are highly not recommended

Note: Veneer HDB Main Door colors will reduce when expose to sunlight


WHY Choose Laminate HDB Main Door?

The most popular and high in demand for HDB Main Door and Bedroom as the choice of laminate can match your renovated house theme easily

In order to enhance the HDB Main Door even further, the glossy or matt surface is also important, visit our showroom today to find out more

1. Water Resistance 2. Scratch Resistance 3. Sound Resistance 4. No Maintenance

Non-Fire Rated Main Door







Fire Rated Main Door







Interior Director HDB Main Door

Interior Designer HDB Main Door

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