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HDB Fire Rated Door

IVERTU Design Main Door 2022

In 2022, My Digital Lock have develop a series of Vertu design door for HDB main door and bedroom

Many customers whom visit My Digital Lock, want to customize a HDB door that is unique and yet trendy

When you purchase IVERTU smartphone from our Mega Store, we will less $500 for these vertu design doors

IVERTU Design Main Door Version 2 (Top Marble Design)

You can also customize other laminate for the top portion instead of following exactly the same as the IVERTU Smartphone design

Our door designers have some suggestions to enhance this project even further

EPIC 7G Designer Digital Door Lock to Match Vertu Design Door

(Recommended by Benz Hui, Hong Kong Movie Star)

In 2022, My Digital Lock is the first digital lock company in the world to develop the 4-season digital Lock

Now you can choose a digital lock that fits into your new door design and according to your house theme

UNLIMITED TRADE in to another Colour at $250 Only

During the 3 years, if you want to change to another colour, we offer a trade in of $250 only. A brand-new digital lock, with transportation to replace and does programming

In 2022, we aim to build a digital lock where technology, fashion and security are all present


Upgrade to fire rated door (Add $400 More)

Worth $300 with installation

Worth $100 with installation

Step 1

In 2022, after you purchase a fire rated door, we will give you a fire rated Briton European mortise lock, a Briton fire rated door closer and Schlage thumb turn cylinder with 3 keys

Fire Door Seal is also included in the purchase, therefore when there is a fire breakout, the rubber seal will explode to seal off the gap between door frame and door to prevent fire from leaking out

Step 2

The $400 fee, include submission of the fire certificate

Step 3

You will receive a fire door sticker, paste onto your door and receive a fire certificate for your door with address and name stated on it

This fire rated certificate will be required when you are selling away your house next time or claim for fire insurance when there is a fire breakout

Top 3 Projects for 2021

In 2022, We wish that our home owners can venture with us to break the trend. In the past, the digital lock colour were restricted to black and satin gold only

Therefore, we have build a series of leather design in different colours so that we can innovate something unique that is not found in Singapore yet

Also with the KATO 2K gold gate, we believe that something amazing is gonna happen in the door and gate industry


All the latest HDB Main Door laminate in Singapore will be updated in our showroom every month, Price from $699 Onwards

Our HDB Door designer have design the HDB Main Door with the latest trend to match with the latest Smartphone Digital lock from KEYWE, EPIC and Samsung

Marble Style

High Quality Wood Grain Design

Modern Design with Simplicity


Veneer HDB Main Door is affordable however, it is seldom used by the HDB or condo since 2016 as it is difficult to maintain

Veneer HDB Main Door is not scratch or water resistance, and you have to pay door painters to vanish the veneer door yearly to maintain its brand-new look

Especially for HDB owners whom keep cats and dogs are highly not recommended

Note: Veneer HDB Main Door colours will reduce when expose to sunlight


Laminate Door is the most popular and high in demand for HDB Main Door and Bedroom as the choice of laminate can match your renovated house theme easily

In order to enhance the HDB Main Door even further, the glossy or matt surface is also important, visit our showroom today to find out more

1. Water Resistance

The Interior Designer Laminate HDB Main Door can withstand rainfallfrom slashing onto it

As Laminate have a layer of protection against water, some is even anti-Bacteria

2. Scratch Resistance (Pet Friendly)

Especially for HDB owners whom keep cats and dogs, Laminate HDB Main Door is highly recommended

As to prevent pets from scratching against the door to leave scars,Matt surface would be highly recommended

3. Sound Resistance

With full solid HDB Main Door, sound will be absorb and stopped partially, prevent it to penetrate into the HDB

4. No Maintenance

As long as you don’t use heavy or sharp objects to knock against the door

5.Weight Resistance

All our Laminate HDB Main Door or Bedroom Door is Full Solid, Hence you are able to install door closer or clothes hanger at the back of the door


$899 $699

$1299 $1099

$1099 $899

$1499 $1299

$899 $699

$1299 $1099








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