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Kato 4D Katoon Gate

Katoon 4D Laser Cut Gate

(Most Unique Gate in Singapore)

 In 2020, My Digital Lock have innovated with Ansley, the founder of KATO gate to produce Katoon Gate in Singapore

Besides the normal laser cut HDB gate, we believe by adding colours to the HDB Gate will be the next trend 

After colour were added, it gives life to the characters of the HDB gate 

Japanese Lucky cat is one of the hot favourites for shops and feng shui industry so we have developed a series of lucky cat as our first project

 We encourage everyone to send us your dream design so that we can deliver your precious moment together 

Lucky Cat Katoon Simplify Gate

3×7 Feet $880
4×7 Feet $980

Gold Lucky Cat

Woody Lucky Cat

Water Lucky Cat

Fire Lucky Cat

Earth Calico Lucky Cat (Best Seller)

Lucky Cat Katoon Kato 3D Gate

3×7 Feet $1080
4×7 Feet $1180

Get a laser cut privacy gate with our awesome lucky cat to bring fortune to your home





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