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Keywe 5g Push pull lock

Innovative Handle-Integrated Quick Pass Fingerprint authentication Unit and Smartphone interlink service~. A truly flags

Opening Method 5-WAY (Password, Fingerprint, Bluetooth, Smart Key, Mechanical Key)

We added conveient smartphone interlink function to the door lock with basic secure fingerprint Recognition function.

New Premium Push-Pull

Non-Stop Push-Pull!
It’s the fastest and safest in the world.

Full Premium New Push-Pull

Through a long study of the user experiences, the PM8000 enables users to operate the push-pull handle at the same time as the quick-pass fingerprint recognition, making it the fastest and safest way to get in and out.

Have you ever had loads of the hands that made it difficult to lower the handle or open the door? Now experience innovatively convenient access with P8000 that can be easily opened by only pushed and pulled. The stylish colors and solid design also enhance the quality of the house from the front door.

Open only when you get close to the door

IOT Technology

Bluetooth technology using location-based information takes on step further.


Experience a real-world of innovation in IoT technology with smart-open capabilities that open doors automatically when you get close to the door with a registered smartphone.


This function opens the door by simply touching the smartphone screen while you approaching the door

The smartphone app makes it easy for you to choose whether to use the magic touch and other details.

Smartphone safe open

The smartphone app makes it safe to open the door without worrying about exposing you password.

Family members coming home Notification

A function to send push open alarms to the smartphone whenever children or parents come in and out of the house through smart opening, Magic Touch, or smartphone app, and also to conveniently check the family’s access time.

App service and Bluetooth feature support specification guidance

App services and Bluetooth-related features support most smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 and higher. However, depending on the product model code, support may not be available or there may be restrictions on app services

The Bluetooth function of this product can be used in combination with location information, which may not operate smoothly depending on the usage environment of the installation site.

Recommended OS Guidance

OS Version: Android V5.0 and higher / iOS V8.0 and higher

Download guidance

To download the smartphone app, search Google Play or App Store for “Unicor HIGHTECH” to download

Easy-to-understand, Smart Indicator

The Smart Indicator’s icon makes it easier to see the status of you door lock, making it safer and more convenient to use.

KS standard Premium One touch Anti-panic mortise

It’s convenient to open and exit the door simply by pushing or pulling the handle without any action.
The key to Mortis technology is to make sure that it doesn’t break easily and that it’s locked securely!
P8000 Mortise tested more that 100,000 times to verify it stability

Providing a wireless connection environment with a wireless connection slot

The wireless connection slot, which is provided only for premium products, is installed in UNICORE’S handle-integrated product as the base, and provides a wireless connection environment that can be conveniently linked to indoor remote control (optional) or video phone connector (optional) at any time.

We make Safety

Since 1970

Safety Functions

3-Password Protection Features provide safety
Imaginary password numbers

3D Touch Password patent

This is a traditional password protection function that has been installed and developed for the longest time in the smart door lock industry.

It has a function that recognizes the time of pressing a specific number as a different number to prepare for possible password exposure using CCTV and hidden cameras.

Short press (less than 1 second)

Long press (more than 1 second)

Residual fingerprint protection wake-up function

Electro-shock source cut-off system

Designed to touch the door lightly with your palm or finger whenever you open it with a password, it removes or crushes any residual fingerprints that remain.

The door lock system is designed to absorb external electric shocks as well as electrostatic shocks by itself using the lightning rod principle.

Fire-Prevention Safety System

The door lock is designed to open automatically with an audible alarm if a temperature (70°C ±10°C) is detected that could cause a fire.



Built-in wireless slots for home-auto system and remote control

Its can be easily used in conjunction with the home network system and video phone, or it can be used using a dedicated wireless remote control (optional).

Multi password (3 passwords)

Up to three passwords can be registered and used at the same time, which can be useful in offices or in case of temporary password entry.

6 Steps volume control and etiquette more

Etiquette mode is available for temporary operation when entering or leaving the room in the middle of night, and volume control function for adjusting the operation tone in six stages.

30seconds lock

An audible alarm occurs when an incorrect password or smart key or unregistered fingerprint input more than 3 times, all functions of the door lock are stopped for 30 seconds.

Low battery alarm

Self-inspection of remaining batteries to notify battery replacement

Emergency Power Supply Function

If the batteries in the product are completely depleted and you are unable to open the door from the outside, this function will enable you to open the door by using 9V batteries from outside for emergency power supplying.

Auto/Manual Lock Setting Function

An auto lock function enabling automatic locking when a door is closed. In places like an office where people enter and exit often, manual lock is available.

Forced Internal Locking Function

This is a reassuring function that when all your members are home and don’t need to get out the door such as late at night, you can use this forced internal locking function to prevent the door from being open using passwords or smart key.

Forced Lock from outside

This function enhanced security function that will play an emergency alarm when the door is opened from the inside after you’ve been outside for a long period of time.

Dual master feature for administrator’s access control

Dual master feature is provided for convenient control of access in case of emergency in each part of dormitory building of school. Both password and smart key have the master feature, ensuring convenience and safety.

Door open status notification function

If the door is open after a certain period of time, you will be notified via a short alarm tone twice. If the door is not fully closed and the locking mechanism fails to lock normally, a melody is generated for about 15 seconds, which is effective in locking the door.

Invasion Detection and Damage Alarm Function

If an attempt of trying to open the door in an abnormal way (by opening a door crevice) when the door is closed, a strong 80dB alarming sound goes on.


Designation of components

Outer / Inner Body



4 AA Batteries

User Manual

Assembly Bolts and Others

Installation Template

Strike / Strike Box

Smart Key

Handle Shaft

Square Bar Alignment Pin

Wireless Communication Pack (our chased separately)

Dimension & Specification

Type Specification Dimension and Detailed spec.
Installation Environment General Fire Door Door thickness 40mm ~50mm
Type of product D-F-T-K-M Direct Current-Refractory type- Temperature Sensor type-Mechanical Key type- Mortise lock
Product size Outer Body 85(W) X 394(H) X 34(D)mm
Inner Body 88(W) X 406(H) X 35.5(D)mm
Material Outer Body PC, ABS
Inner Body PC, ABS
Components Basic Components Smart Key 4pcs(2pcs of UA-K200, 2pcs of UA-K210)
Optional Wireless Communication Pack(Remote controller type/Video phone Interlink type)
Battery DC 6V 1.5V LR6 AA Alka Line Battery 4pcs
Emergency Power DC 9V Alka Line Battery(Optiona)
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