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Door Seal and Dust Resistance

Drop Seal for 4×7 Feet Double Leaf HDB Main Door

Italy Drop Seal for HDB and Condo Door comes in silver and brown colour

The main features for the Italy drop seal is to prevent water from entering your home during heavy rain

Insects and dust entering your HDB and condo can be the main reason you need to get a italy drop seal for your fire rated door

However, some of the drop seal in the market that is manufacture from china does not have the same effect due to the uneven drop of the seal, the side of the seal for many brands have gap which allow water to penetrates into your house

All the drop seal is customize with the minimum length 680-780mm, and longest 1030 and 1130mm

Besides the door closer, the drop seal is something you should invest in

$350.00 $280.00


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