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EPIC 5G Digital Lock

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Best Selling Digital Lock in Japan (Made in Korea)

Able to unlock Using Bluetooth / Wi-FI Optional (6 in 1)

EPIC 5G Digital Lock is currently the best selling smartphone digital lock in My Digital Lock in 2019-2020

As EPIC 5G Digital Lock is affordable, modern looking and look identical with our EPIC Gate Digital Lock

EPIC 5G Digital Lock is in Space Grey with glossy finishing with mini pearls in it to make it look luxurious.

Also the simple and modern design fits onto any BTO / Resales HDB Main Door right above the European Mortise and Single Grip Lock

1+2 Years Warranty (3 Years Mobile App Support)

First year would be full warranty, 2nd and third year for parts warranty subjected to $80 transportation

However, our mobile application have a server themselves, therefore if you face any difficulty in the mobile app, our Korea partner will be able to assist you

Unlike other smartphone digital lock. Our Digital Lock connects the bluetooth through your mobile data 4G / 5G

Functions & Features

  • 100 Fingerprint
  • Up to 20 Cards
  • 1 Master Password
  • 1 User Password (One time Password send remotely)
  • Bluetooth
  • WI-FI (Optional)

Matches with our Brand New Interior Designer HDB Main Door

Majority of the customers whom purchase a NEW HDB Fire Rated Main Door or HDB Gate they would consider getting this digital lock for both

As you can see the EPIC 5G is actually in space grey with pearl, almost close to black but not

This is because in some cases HDB owners would like to install them onto a black designer HDB Main Door or HDB Gate

We have featured after it is been installed onto Grey or Black HDB Door, however the project seems to be perfect

Besides the design the paint coating, EPIC 5G Digital Lock is the most afforable rim digital lock with the nicest design and most features

Unlock EPIC 5G Digital Lock using Smartphone

Most of the time, when you enter your home, all you need is to scan the fingerprint, card or key in pin number to unlock

However some of times, you will be away from home, therefore you can give access to the delivery man, house keeper, relative or guest

By sending a guest key with time zone features, indicating the specific date and time

After they unlock, you will receive a push message or notification

The time attendance can be downloaded through desktop.

Otherwise Unlock using WI-FI by adding $50 to Wi-Fi Bridge

Note: The Wi-FI Bridge depend on your Wi-FI Strength and speed.

IF unable to connect relocate the Wi-FI Bridge to other location and it should work

Review on EPIC 5G Smartphone Digital Lock 7/10

At the price of $450 you can get all the features with this digital lock with 1+2 years warranty

So it is affordable and value for money in the market. We have sold more than 5000 pieces of EPIC 5G Digital Lock

Also this lock have gone through several development and improvement, now its the 3rd edition already

This EPIC 5G Digital Lock take up 70% of our sales in My Digital Lock SIngapore

As the owner of My Digital Lock i shall rate it 7/10

$599.00 $450.00


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