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EPIC 5G Digital Lock

EPIC Satin Gold Card Digital Lock

Best Seller for Affordable and User Friendly (Best Seller for BTO / Resale HDB)

EPIC Satin Gold Card Digital Lock is currently the best selling digital lock in My Digital Lock for BTO and Resale HDB as it is the cheapest amongst all the digital lock

As EPIC Satin Gold Card Digital Lock is the most affordable, modern looking and look identical with our EPIC Card Gate Digital Lock

Special Features – Scramble Code

For example if your password is 12345, and you want to prevent others from seeing your password while unlock

You can add in random numbers in front then enter the correct password at the back

EPIC Satin Gold digital lock will recognize the password as long as the last few digits were correct

Functions & Features

  • Up to 20 Cards
  • 1 User Password
  • One Time Password
  • Scramble Code

1+ 2 Years Warranty

At the Price of $299, My Digital Lock covers 1 + 2 Years Warranty

First Year Full Warranty and 2nd / 3rd Year Parts Warranty at $80 Transportation

Exclusive Colors – Satin Gold

EPIC Satin Gold Digital Lock is the only gold rim lock in the entire digital lock industry which matches perfectly onto all types of door

As My Digital Lock wants to build affordable and luxurious looking digital lock cater for Singapore HDB Door

Best Matches with White / Black Marble Designer HDB Main Door

Therefore, majority of the customers whom purchase a NEW HDB Fire Rated Main Door or HDB Gate they would consider getting this digital lock for both

Also this Satin Gold Digital lock look luxurious as its paint is reflective with mini pearls in it

EPIC Satin Gold Card Digital Lock

Designer Lever Handle (Exclusive)

My Digital Lock have imported a series of designer lever handle or push push handle from Korea

to push the beauty of the HDB Designer Fire Rated Main Door to the next level

My Digital Lock have improve our door design with the best looking digital lock to build the nicest door in Singapore

in 2020, more designer handle will be recommend and introduce to match with our digital lock

For more latest HDB Designer main door updates, you may visit our blog or facebook page to add us

Because of your support My Digital lock have become the most popular digital lock company in Singapore

EPIC Satin Gold Card Digital Lock

How does the EPIC Satin Gold Matches other types of interior designer main door?

unlike the traditional black digital lock which is unable to match with hard colour main door or black door which does not have a contrast

The Epic Satin Gold Digital Lock matches perfectly for doors that is dark and woody

We are looking for more HDB owners to build new HDB Door projects in 2020/2021

We have imported golden stainless steel stripe to match with this awesome digital lock

Check out the below photos for the nicest project. This EPIC digital lock have match the entire HDB door look modern and high tech

$399.00 $299.00


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