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EQUES A27 Digital Door Viewer (Copper Gold)

Product Description

Eques A27 Copper Gold Digital Door Viewer

World’s Smartest Video Doorbell – Eques VEIU Rechargeable Door Camera Peephole Viewer for Your Home Security – WIFI Enabled – Night Vision – Large LED Touch Screen – iOS & Android (Copper).

No Monthly Fee: Free cloud storage, free expandable local storage. Home security and peace of mind without having to write a check month after month after month

Wide Angle Lens: The lens on the VEIU gives you a 180-degree view of your porch, making sure you won’t miss any visitors.

1 Year Warranty

When your EQUES digital lock door viewer is faulty, the local distributor would request you to uninstall yourself, send to them and collect back after 3-4 days and charge you accordingly to whichever parts they replace even if it is under warranty

Therefore, My Digital Lock have import ourselves to cover the warranty as most customers have complain and cannot accept these conditions

Other vendor will just simply push the blame to the distributor and trust me your will have a hard time recover this product

Motion Detection + Smartphone Mobile App

Most of the China digital door viewer have server problem and so far EQUES have the best server to allows you to view through mobile phone

The motion detection sensitivity need to put average or low to save battery

Once charge can last 3-14 days depend on usage

Infrared Night Vision

850nm infrared night vision, clear vision during both daytime and nighttime.

Motion Detection

VEIU automatically detects motion and can be set to take a snapshot and send an alert to your phone.

2-Way Audio

Speak directly to whoever is at your door right in the app.

Wide Angle Lens

The lens on the VEIU gives you a 180-degree view of your porch, making sure you won’t miss any visitors.

Wi-Fi connection

VEIU uses your home Wi-Fi connection to stream video to your device making the connection safe and secure.


VEIU transforms the standard peephole into a video doorbell, it’s impossible for intruders to see inside from the outside.

Product Review 7/10

One of the best digital door viewer with good mobile app connections and motion detection in the market

I rate it high because of the small screen and the unique design



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