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Kato 3D Simplify Gate

Kato 3D Simplify Gate 4×7 Feet Double Leaf

Cheapest Kato Laser Cut Gate for HDB

My Digital Lock have developed a more affordable laser cut gate which looks simple, modern, unique and easy to maintain

HDB Gate design for Gate Digital Lock

My Digital Lock gate factory is experience enough to manufacture a portion to install the Epic Gate Digital Lock

Also, to prevent the HDB main door digital lock handle from colliding onto the HDB gate handle

Even though we have 9 years of experience, not all installation is 100% success depend on the different HDB gate build previously

Latest EPIC 6G Dual Fingerprint Gate Digital Lock (New)

When you purchase the Kato Simplify gate from you, you can install the latest gate digital lock

Which have fingerprint from both sides, to make it more convience to enter or leave the HDB gate

We will less $50 on HDB Gate with purchase of Gate digital lock

The Latest EPIC 24K Gold Platted Gate Digital Lock

My Digital Lock have developed the most luxurious gate digital lock in Singapore to match with the Kato 3D Laser Cut Gate

Besides having a good gate design, you need to have a nice and modern digital lock to build the nicest HDB gate in Singapore along with HDB main Door

My Digital lock gate digital lock comes in 24K gold platted, satin gold and space grey

For more digital lock, visit our showroom or call to arrange for mobile showroom

Nicer Workmanship (Less Wielding)

Laser Cut HDB Gate is popular because the pattern is cut out by machine hence less wielding will be involved to ensure better finishing product

Up to 500 Free Design by inhouse designer

Our Kato Gate designer have developed many new designs that relate to our little things happen around us to deliver the precious moment

18 Exclusive HDB Gate colour for you to choose

Special colour will be our silver and gold paint which is very rare in the market

Promotions & Discount Receive

1. $50 Discount on Gate Digital Lock

2. $50 Discount on Digital Door Lock

3. $50 Discount on HDB Main Door

4. $50 Discount on Bedroom Door

5. $100 Discount on My President Mattress



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