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Keywe Smartphone

Keywe 360 Smartphone Push Pull Digital Lock (Space Grey)

The Latest KEYWE Push Pull Digital Lock (NEW!!!)

KEYWE 360 Smartphone Push Pull Digital Lock is one of the latest Smartphone digital lock in the market which can unlock using Bluetooth / WI-FI

The nicest Korea Push Pull Digital Lock that matches well with HDB Fire Rated Main Door and Condo Main Door in Singapore

KEYWE 360 Smartphone Push Pull Digital lock in Space grey matches well with the EPIC 5G Pro Gate Digital lock, matches perfectly to all types of HDB Main Door

With the latest hairline finishing, this push pull lock look luxurious and tough

Unique Selling Point

1. The 360 Fingerprint Air touch Sensor allow you to scan your fingerprint in any directions

2. Fast Processor to connect Bluetooth or WI-FI (2nd Generation Motherboard)

3. Consume lesser battery life when connect to WI-FI

4. Able to share the same mobile app with EPIC 5G Pro Gate Digital Lock


  • 100 Fingerprint
  • Up to 20 Card
  • 4 given Password
  • 2 Keys
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-FI Optional (Add $50 for WiFi Bridge)

1+2 Years Warranty (3 Years Mobile App Support)

First year would be full warranty, 2nd and third year for parts warranty subjected to $80 transportation

However, our mobile application have a server themselves, therefore if you face any difficulty in the mobile app, our Korea partner will be able to assist you

Unlike other smartphone digital lock. Our Digital Lock connects the bluetooth through your mobile data 4G / 5G

Matches well with Interior Designer Fire Rated Main Door

KEYWE 360 Smartphone push pull digital lock matches well with white marble , industrial theme and even wooden door.

Majority of the HDB owner and condo like this tough and modern design

Also it matches the EPIC 5G Pro Gate Digital Lock or the EPIC 6G Dual Fingerprint gate Digital Lock Perfectly

Its difficult to find a black push pull digital lock with nice design and mobile unlocking features

Review on KEYWE 360 Smartphone Push Pull Digital Lock 8/10

In 2020, KEYWE 360 Smartphone Push Pull Digital Lock is currently the best seller as many like the concept of having the fingerprint sensor

at the top of the push pull handle

Therefore, you can unlock then push into the HDB Main Door , within a push

Also the mobile app and fingerprint is extremely sensitive and the quality is perfect

I would rate it 8/10

$1,099.00 $899.00

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Push Message

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Master User Guest

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