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Korea Push Push Lock

Korea Push Push Lock Modern

Modern Push Push lock is one of the most unique design push push lock,

This comes in grey and black, not one of the best seller

The Korea Push Push Lock Does Not Have Any Key Or Key Holes For 2 Reasons

  1. Clean Design without Key Holes
  2. Child Safety (You are able to unlock when your kids accidentally lock up the bedroom door)

We have upload a list of installation project of HDB bedroom doors with push push lock, you can whatsapp a photo of your bedroom door

And we can drive down our mobile showroom to give you a professional advice and install it straight away

Improve Your HDB Bedroom Door Design

If you want something special unlike the traditional bedroom lever handle, you can strongly consider the Korea Push Push Lock

As it is been showcase in many Korean Drama if you notice

Call Our Mobile Showroom 98440884 and we will drive to show you and install straight away



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