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Non Fire Rated Main Door

Veneer Solid HDB Main Wooden Door Double Leaf 4×7 Feet

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Add $200 for additional laminate with stainless steel (FREE Design)

My Digital Lock’s Veneer Solid HDB Main Wooden Door Double Leaf (4×7 feet) that comes with normal single grip lockset and magnetic door stopper.

The Veneer solid main door is manufacture between 40-45mm thickness depends on your door frame thickness

If your HDB unit is near the staircase or lift you will have to purchase a fire-rated main door

A solid main door has better sound resistance compared to a hollow or semi-solid door.

Price stated is for single Veneer skin, can mix and match different type of skin to make the door look more beautiful. (*Additional cost requires)

Add $100 for Gold, Black and Silver Stainless Steel Design (Up to 4 Lines)

My Digital Lock have developed the gold and black stainless steel lines which is not commonly found across the market in Singapore

As there is a minimum order to get the gold and black stainless-steel lines for your HDB Main Door

Choose the correct laminate Main door colour to match with the right stainless-steel lines

Add $200 for Additional Design with Free Stainless-Steel Lines (Worth $100)

All the nicest door project involve laminate combination with nice stainless steel

Our door consultant will assist you to choose the correct laminate to mix and match to build the nicest HDB door in Singapore

As long as you invest, we will try our best to build the nicest door for your dream home

Non-Fire Rated Solid Main Door

For Solid HDB Main Door, we use solid wood door core to ensure the door is durable and does not warp inwards

Solid HDB Main door reduces the noise that is along the HDB corridor

Less $100 Discount With Purchase Of Digital Lock

My Digital Lock strongly encourage everyone to get the Yale Gateman, Keywe, EPIC and Samsung digital lock together with a brand new HDB Solid Main door

Otherwise, there will be some holes to touch up on your new HDB Main Door if you intend to install digital lock in the future

$1,299.00 $1,099.00

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