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Function of fulfillment

IC card

Up to 100 FeliCa® / Mifare® standard ICs can be registered.


You can register your favorite 4 to 12 digits.

One-time PIN

This security code can only be unlocked once. It is useful when visiting a guest.

Auto lock

It is a function that locks automatically when the door is closed. It can be set to enable or disable.

Security code cheat function

Even when there is a person nearby, you can unlock it by entering it with a security code.

Volume setting

It can be set in 7 stages.

Mute function

When you go home late at night, etc., you can unlock it silently without playing a melody.

Multi-touch security settings

This is a function that can be set to enter the 3-digit number displayed after entering the security code.

Outdoor battery connection

Even if the battery inserted in the indoor unit is exhausted, it can be unlocked by connecting a square 9V alkaline battery (sold separately) to the outdoor unit.

Incorrect unlocking alarm

If a thief etc. tries to open compulsorily, it threatens with an alarm.

Fire alarm and automatic unlocking

When the indoor unit detects a temperature of about 62 ° C (± 5 ° C), an alarm sounds and unlocks automatically.

Good night forced lock

It is a function that can be set to disable the unlocking from the outdoor, you can go to bed at ease when sleeping at night.

Forced out lock

It is a function that can be set to disable the unlock button of the indoor unit.

Product specification

Corresponding door thickness 35 to 50 mm
Back set 28 to 74 mm
Unlocking means One security code (4 to 12 digits)
One time security code one (4 to 12 digits)
IC card (FeliCa® / Mifare® (* 1)) max. 100 pcs
Battery life About one year (* 2) by use of ten times a day
Rated voltage DC 6 V (4 AA alkaline batteries)
Emergency power supply DC9V (9V type alkaline battery)
Size Outdoor unit Vertical 180 mm × Horizontal 72 mm × Thickness 20 mm
Indoor unit Vertical 89 mm × Horizontal 166 mm × Thickness 48 mm
Strike Vertical 125 mm × Horizontal 29 mm × Thickness 24 mm
Warranty period 1 year from date of purchase

* 1 Even with FeliCa® and Mifare® standards, this product may not be usable.
* 2 Depends on the environment and battery used. We recommend Panasonic’s evolta.
? Please avoid installing in the entrance where rain falls directly on the outdoor unit. There is no problem if there is a rose.
? The indoor unit is not waterproof, so it can not be installed outside the indoor unit.
? Please note that TRIPLE X 2way (type without emergency key) can not be used for inner door.

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